Troglodytes - the ancient empire

Long Ago, in the forgotten ages of the past, an empire stood tall and proud over its contemporaries- the Troglodyte (as they are now called) Empire. Ziggurats touched the sky, looming over vast cities, built on the backs of the ancient ancestors of the humans and haflings. These reptilian beings grew quickly, and had a close connection to many demons and primordial nature beings that solidified their hold on the land. Their zealots scoured the land, hunting nonbelievers and bringing in slaves.

Their cruelty was unmatched in those old days.So confident they were. Until something happened in those ancient days. The Usurper’s War. The beings the Trog’s once venerated and drew so much power from lay dead, banished, or missing from Gallan. Even their protector, Krawn, turned his back on them and went into a great slumber. The hyper religious society of the Trogs crumbled from this shocking turn of events.

Soon, infighting between warlords and the now powerless clerics and druids broke out, shattering the empire into fragments. It was all to simple for the now empowered and god-led humans and haflings to sweep the Troglodyte Empire off the face of the map. The defeated Trogs made their way into various cave systems around Gallan , and retreated into the darkness of the unknown deeps….

Now, centuries later, the Trogs have reverted to a near cave man like existence .In their favor, the trogs have found demons again, and their worship has twisted the trogs further into more demented and fearsome creatures, for example, the Surlak is a bestial, 7ft tall trog covered in mouths and extra appendages.

Beware the Trog, for they remember the glory days of old…and the races that caused their demise – when they have are given a chance for revenge, be warned, for it shall be quick and brutal.

Troglodytes - the ancient empire

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